About Music Licensing Deal

About Me

I am Hervé Senni, the only artist working at musiclicensingdeal.com.

That site is my personal portal, aimed at selling licenses of my music to customers who require quality original music for their media projects.

I’m a composer, arranger, guitar and bass player. I started music 43 years ago when I was 13… As far as I remember I was always playing the guitar.

I was born in Nice, France, and I lived in Canada from 1977 to 1990. Obtaining a bachelor in music at Concordia University. I conducted my seven-piece band Aloes and performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival for ten years in a row, among many other gigs and bands.

I returned to France in 1990 and continued to play as a band leader and a sideman in various projects.

As a musician from the pre-computer era, I started writing music with a pencil and a rubber. ( the rubber was essential back then). I jumped into the computer music as soon as the infamous Atari 520 ST was available.

Even if I took some break from computer music applications, I came back full force when the audio recording was efficient. I never liked the midi programming that was sounding like a robot.

Music Licensing

I finally decided to enter the music licensing business and to offer my composition skills to professionals seeking original music for their media projects.

Most of the songs from my albums are available for licensing too, but since the release of my last album, I’m composing music exclusively for licensing usage. The backing track music production is different from pure music.

It has to be composed as an accompaniment to something else, like a voice-over or images. Therefore, music that sounds amazing to listen to won’t necessarily work for backing tracks.

I’m composing in a vast array of styles, and I’m adding songs weekly, if not daily.

I can also write music exclusively for any project.

Use the contact form and let me know what you are seeking. We can always find a solution.

How I work

Nowadays, with the use of VST instruments, the quality of the audio recording, and most important, drums application like Ezdrummer. It is possible to produce songs that sound like a real group.

As a guitar and bass player, I’m playing all the tracks except the drums part wish are performed by the Ezdrummer plugin. I’m also using synth guitars to counter a perpetual guitar/bass production that can be limited in the long run. I force myself to diversify my orchestral approach to deliver the largest choice possible.

The Ezdrummer plugin is fantastic. It allows the end user to have access to drums groove, fills, etc. played by real drummers, and the drums sounds are real acoustic sampled instruments. I own thousands of midi files that allows me to produce any song in a various style of music.

Building Guitars

I’m also a guitar luthier, specialized in advanced guitar electronic wiring. I made over 20 different guitars that allow me to play in every style of music. From rock to jazz, and from 12 strings to fretless guitar and everything in between.

I built all the possible guitar models existing, and most of my instruments own unusual electronic or hardware that you can’t find on any other guitar.

You can check my blog Guitar Geer Geek where I’m demoing my custom guitars and giving away wire plans and explaining how to do the same thing and why.

The actual shape of my home studio is operational since three years. I built it as soon as I acquired my apartment. Poor neighbors. 🙂

My Albums

I already released six albums of original music, recorded in my home studio, that are available for streaming or download on most of the established platforms. Check out this link to get access to my albums.

You do not require a license to enjoy my music for your use. You can stream it for free or download it for a moderate amount of money.