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Walking On Air - 6 Versions PackAcoustic guitar music background for marketing

Walking On Air is an easy listening acoustic song, without drums. It’s a mild, lovely piece with a soothing family oriented atmosphere. The recording is lively and refreshing. It owns easygoing aura of love and friendship.

The orchestration of the song features an acoustic guitar, an electric 12 strings guitar, a resonator with a warm bluesy sound and a Fender Rhodes piano. There are no bass and drums. Light shakers, cowbell, and triangle appear near the end of the song to softly build the music to a beautiful crescendo.

The full-length interpretation of the composition is perfect for love scenes, passion, voyage videos, T.V shows, reflective film displays and developmental programs.

The deal features four jingles of different duration. They are passages of separate parts of the tune.

  • Walking On Air entire song
  • Walking On Air – Jingle 1 is a 50″ citation, and it is the opening part of the song.
  • Walking On Air – Jingle 2 is a 27″ passage and is the second part of the introduction of the tune. It features a piano playing the melody.
  • Walking On Air – jingle 3 is the middle part of the music. The theme is played by the 12 strings guitar with the resonator responding calmly.
  • Walking On Air – jingle 4 is the ending part of the selection, featuring the light percussion instruments and a firm finish.
  • Walking On Air – loop is an extract of the song where the melody is played by the resonator. You can loop it endlessly to use as a backing track for your videos.



Walking On Air Pack

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Walking On Air Acoustic Pack
Year: 2017
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Walking On Air pack is an acoustic pop song without any drums. It is a simple, beautiful song with a gentle family oriented loving. The track is full of life and carries laid-back vibes of togetherness. It is ideal for love scenes, romance, travel videos, television shows, reflective movie scenes and inspirational videos.

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  1. You have a wonderful selection of music to choose from. I am starting to look for some background music for some travel videos and you have a great selection. Do you have a suggestion for background music for a cruise ship overview video where I highlight the features of a particular ship?

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