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Atmosphere - 5 versions packThe ambient Music Kit on sale on this site is a set of five different versions of the song Atmosphere. Each version is intended for a particular usage, be it a background music for video or jingle instance.

Atmosphere carries a vaporous mood, created by the different usage of the electric 12 strings guitar, and the acoustic piano.

There are multiple tracks of 12 strings guitar who are creating a guitar pad sound, supporting a repetitive melody interpreted on the piano.

None of the instruments play a decisive role. It’s voluntary, to create a musical ambiance rather than a song with a defined and accentuated melody.

The percussion track uses light percussion accessory. It makes a delicate but active rhythm pattern that accentuates the subtle overall mood of the song.

The file owns the complete 03:25 song that can be used for background Music for Video, as well as four different jingle versions of the song. Two of 30 seconds and two of 60 seconds length.

You can buy the complete pack or each song one at a time, depending on your needs.



Atmosphere Pack

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Atmosphere Pack
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Get 4 songs for $75 instead of $249.75. This is a great saving if you intend to use them all. You can also buy them individually.

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