Ambient Music Production – Big Bass Multi-Versions Offer

Big Bass - 5 versions pack

Big Bass is a new age ambient music production intended for marketing usage.

The song mixes electro groove with a huge bass line and aerial electric guitar parts. It has a bewitching atmosphere that makes the listener listen to the song over and over.

Yes, you heard right, if you listen to the song, all the parts are played on an electric guitar using amazing cosmic sounds taken from my new purchase the famous and unbelievable Fractal AX8.

The bass line is also performed on a guitar. This time using my second recent acquisition, the wonderful analog guitar synth, the Boss SY300.

The file holds five different lengths of the song to adapt to various marketing usage. Loop, jingle, the entire song…

You can use Big Bass for background video music, a radio show or for radio or TV jingle.

As I mentioned above, the song has a bewitching atmosphere so that you can use one loop endlessly, and it won’t get boring. It gives more value to the pack; you can use a minimum of excerpt per video.

Also, the music is based on the mood only, so there’s no precise melody. It gives lots of room for a voice-over.


Big Bass Pack

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Big Bass Pack
Year: 2017
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Big Bass file holds five versions of the song featuring different length to adapt to various marketing use.

  • Big Bass
  • Big Bass - Jingle
  • Big Bass - Loop 1
  • Big Bass - Loop 2
  • Big Bass - Loop 3

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