Ambient Music Royalty Free Non-Copyrighted Music

Ambient Music Royalty Free Non-Copyrighted MusicAmbient Music Royalty Free Two tracks Non-Copyrighted Music

Ambibella is a Two tracks Non-Copyrighted Royalty Free Ambient Music pack offer.

The song is a moody groove using generated noise background to create a smooth and atmospheric feeling. It fits perfectly as background music for new age type of videos, or any work requiring a nonintrusive soundtrack.

The no lead version of the track is perfect for videos in need of a cool background leaving all the space needed for a voice over job, without having to worry about timing with the music.

You can loop both tracks infinitely. They are not real loops that can repeat without silence between each loop. But you can repeat the tracks and fade out anywhere in the song without any strange ending.

You can get both tracks for the low price of 30$. This offer is a steal, considering that individual songs are priced 49.95$ a piece…



Ambibella 2 versions pack

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Ambibella Two Songs Pack
Year: 2018
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60% of the song is played in order to safe S3 usage


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