Approaching Calm Audio Stock Pack

Approaching Calm - 6 versions packApproaching Calm is a powerful piece with a cinematic atmosphere. It features multiple layers of synths, two rock guitars, and a captivating electro drum track.

This number is excellent for heroic, nationalistic, or action movie scenes. It can also be used for moments of overcoming, inspirational and uplifting stories. You can employ it for sports video or broadcast, movie trailers, teasers, slideshow, or any presentation you might want to do. It carries a positive and communicative mood that is perfect to deliver a convincing accompaniment to any promotional work.

The file features six different orchestration and length of the song to face any commercial usage.

  • the whole number
  • Approaching Calm – Loop for voice-over jobs
  • Approaching Calm – Loop B
  • Approaching Calm – Jingle extended version for 60″ commercial ad
  • Approaching Calm – Ending. For intro or outro application
  • Approaching Calm – B Jingle. Modified version and shorter than the other jingle included in the pack

Take a look at the example video we made using two approaching Calm file tp illustrate this video


The other song used is taken from the Pastorale file.

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Approaching Calm Pack
Year: 2017
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Approaching Calm Pack holds 6 versions of the song to fit every marketing needs

  • the full song
  • Approaching Calm – loop for voice-over tasks
  • Approaching Calm – loop B Same as above
  • Approaching Calm – Jingle long version for 60" commercial
  • Approaching Calm – Ending for intro or outro use
  • Approaching Calm – B Jingle different version, a little shorter

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