Background Instrumental Music for Presentation – Dirty Robot 7 Songs Pack

Dirty Robot - 7 Versions PackBackground Instrumental Music for Presentation – Electro Jazz Bundle Offer

The Dirty Robot 7 Songs Pack is an electro-jazz package deal for marketers.

Background instrumental music for presentation is a great addition to enlight and video or any presentation you might have to do, online or offline.

Depending on your subject or product, a modern electro-jazz background music with a steady beat and a hot pulse is going to boost your performance.

The file regroups seven different versions of the song Dirty Robot.

Dirty Robot 7 Songs Pack

  • Dirty Robot – a 03:36″ song featuring a jazz guitar, traditional African percussions, electro drums, a bass, and some weird noise synth happening in the background.
  • Three jingles of different lengths, taken out from various places of the song and mixed differently.
  • Three loops also abstracted from distinct spots and arranged differently to be looped indefinitely.

Loops are a great tool for a voice over. It can be played in the background at a shallow volume. Most of the people won’t notice the music playing, but they will find something missing if the background music stops.

You can buy the full pack and make a solid deal if you need lots of music in that style. Otherwise, you can afford each number separately.


Dirty Robot Pack

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Dirty Robot 7 Songs Pack
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The file owns:

  • the full-length song that was taken out from the album  "The Green Monster"
  • 3 loops of various length and mood
  • 3 jingles of also various length and mood

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