Background Music for Video – Strat Me Up 7 Versions Pack

Strat Me Up -7 versions packBackground Music for Video – Uptempo rock song for Marketing

Strat Me Up is a rock song at 155 BPM. It is a very rhythmical piece that has a huge drive. If you’re looking for a driven song to give an incredible energy to your promotions, be it videos, radio or TV shows, movie soundtracks or sports images, this is the one you need.

Strat Me Up is taken from an album of the same name, which is available for download and streaming on traditional platforms. You can find out more about it, following this link. But you can also buy a license for each song on this disc. Check it out here.

We decided to create as many loops and jingles as possible, extracted from this piece, to give more latitude to your marketing work.

The file for sale includes the entire Strat Me Up song, four loops of different lengths and two jingles.

Loops are convenient for voice-overs. You can make them last as long as you want, without it being too repetitive or overwhelming. It is ideal for background music that is made to give rhythm and a sonority without really being perceptible for the listener. They are used to dress your promotions and to give a style. Jingles may be used as advertising numbers, as the name implies, but they can also serve as an introduction or ending pieces for shorter videos or radio broadcasts.

You can buy the each file independently, or the complete offer to make a significant saving.


Strat Me Up 7 Versions Pack

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Strat Me Up 7 Versions Pack
Year: 2017
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Strat Me Up is an uptempo rock song at 155 BPM. It rocks! This is the perfect background track if you need vitamins for your promotions. Great catchy riff, powerful drums, and a big fat round bass line.

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