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Arpeggio PackThe Arpeggio Pack is a music file package designed for background music for videos.

The song has been interpreted three times in extremely different music styles.

The original version, Arpeggio is an orchestral version featuring strings and a choir. It is a perfect fit for a movie soundtrack. It has a peplum flavor that goes well with classic scenes. You can use it as background for videos, or for a film trailer.

The Arpeggio Electro version is an entirely different variant. It is an electro music orchestration, hence the name. Because of the groove, that version has a less dramatic outcome. It can be used for the same purpose as the orchestral one, but for less dramatic scenes.

The Arpeggio Space orchestration is based on the same backing tracks from the Arpeggio Electro version. We added a melodic electric guitar melody. It adds to the song a positive outcome. Therefore, the song can be used for much happier scenes than the first two versions.

Those three different orchestrations of the same song were made on purpose. Because of the different style of each one, you can use them depending on the overall feeling of the scenes. It creates a continuity to the film or the promotion of the product you are pushing.

Keep in mind that the orchestral Arpeggio version is already included in the Orchestral Vol 1 offer.



Arpeggio Pack

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Arpeggio Pack
Year: 2017
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The Arpeggio pack regroups three different version of the same song, featuring totally different orchestration.

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