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Half-Time Rock specialBackground music for youtube videos. Enhance your film production

Half-Time Rock is an assortment highlighting three entirely different adaptations of the same work. The backing track is the same for every recording. It involves a drum and a bass track that has been used to record the three tunes. Therefore, the structure and the length is the same for all.

Half Time Rock – Acoustic Version has been interpreted with an acoustic guitar and a resonator guitar. It is a folk rock variant. A wah pedal is added midway through the song and drives up the selection. It can be used for a road movie type of sequence.

Half Time Rock – All Electric Version is a rock version of the song. Both guitars have an all out rock sound that gives a big drive to the number. Even if the chord progression is the same as the first cut, the melody and riffs are completely different.

Half Time Rock – Blues Rock Version is softer than the previews version. It has a bluesier sound, and the guitars are less aggressive. That version is also the opening song on my latest album Lifestyle.

Having different versions of the same song is interesting for marketers working for the same customers on a regular basis. It allows to create a product sound and still deliver variety to the promotion.



Half-Time Rock Pack

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Half-Time Rock
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Get the three different versions of the song for $55.

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