Background Music Instrumental – 8 Funk Rock Songs for your Videos

Funk You - 8 Versions PackBackground music instrumental – Add some funk to your promotions

This 8-track file includes five loops and two jingles in addition to the entire song. It is a funk rock style song at a fast tempo, with a progressive rock style passage in 7/4 towards the middle. This track is on the strat me up album which is available for streaming or download on common platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

The album strat me up can also be licensed. You can purchase a license for any of the tracks on this disc by following this link.

For advertising needs, we decided to create loops and jingle tracks from the longer pieces to offer a greater range of maneuver in your promotional tasks.

It stands to reason that we have completely reworked the mixing and mastering so that each loop and jingle is musically a finished product.

The Funk You file includes eight audio tracks, namely:

  • The entire funk you piece
  • Five loops of different lengths that were extracted from the original song.
  • Two longer extracts with an ending that can be used either as a jingle music or as an introduction or ending to promotional videos.

There are two distinct moods in these excerpts. One of them very rocks with a speedy tempo that gives a lot of rhythms, and the other one is much more atmospheric, in the progressive rock spirit composed in 7/4.


Funk You 8 Tracks File

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Funk You 8 Tracks File
Year: 2017
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Funk You is a song taken out of the album Strat me Up.

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