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Our website provides music for multi-media usage

creative commons musicThe standard original music package can be used for podcasts, video-games or sites. Any music used online must be linked back to the original provider,

If you find the standard package limiting, please refer to our professional package page where you can purchase full copyrights for all music.

Free Music

(“if music be the food of love, play on.”)

There are free samples available on demand that will get you familiar with the type of music produced, but also how to use that music in your multi-media.

  • Clearwater

The first track available is a Hawaiian themed reggae- fusion. Traditional Central American instruments like Ukuleles create an upbeat ambiance that won´t overcrowd your multi-media.
The sample is free to listen to and to download. When you use it, all you have to do is reference the original sample webpage via a definite link.

  • Uke

Uke creates a sense of urgency through its synthesized bass track. This music is perfect for drawing attention to a modern brand or website. Unlike Clearwater, Uke has an active tone that resonates well with a call to action. Again, samples are free to listen to and to download, but any commercial use must require pro license.

  • Up sweep

This song renders an ambiance that is both energizing and uplifting. The tune is ideally balanced for websites helping to establish a unified tone throughout. The harmonies are catchy without being overpowering and are influenced by classic video games. Using this music is free provided you adhere to the terms and conditions of creative commons music licensing.

What can I use this for?

Creative Commons music is registered under BY, NC and ND licenses. A full breakdown can be found on this page. You could use this music for online videos posted to Youtube, slideshows, presentations, software and video games, among other
things. You cannot use this music for advertising purposes, radio, audio-books or for reselling.
If you are unsure you can either invest in a pro license or
contact us directly to see if the copyright authorizes a specific usage.

How do I reference?

The free music registered here can be used for any of the purposes listed on our website, free of charge. However, any-time this music is used it must be referenced directly. This means either linking to the webpage directly or, writing the following: “music is taken from”.

What other services are on offer

We offer these free tracks to all our clients for non-commercial usage. If you are interested in working with us, take a look at our paid licensing page. Paying for a professional license will give you full usage of our creative commons music. Packages are available in bundles based on themes, or as
a selection of jingles. Feel free to contact us for more information relating to purchasing professional licenses. Professional licenses do not have to be referenced and can be used for commercial purposes, radio, and television among other uses.

For TV use, you must mention the music source. A free or pro license does not give you ownership of the material. You are free to use it according to the license you choose, but stays the owner of the track.

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