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clearwaterClearwater is a folk song with a reggae flavor. It is interpreted using an acoustic Bass Ukulele, an electric Ukulele with metal strings, and an Irish Bouzouki. The counter melody is performed using an organ vintage sound done with a synth guitar. The percussion track uses electro drums grooves with a vintage drum machine sounds.

The overall outcome is a cute, positive, refreshing song with a nice pulse. The tune is in the key of C major at 150 BPM.

The file owns seven different tracks taken out of the main song.

  • Clearwater complete version
  • Five loops took from various passage of the song
  • a 30″ jingle

The song Clearwater is also available for free following this link.
There are rules and limitations to using the free version. Read the license carefully before downloading it.

You can also afford each track separately in the event you do not need the entire pack.

Clearwater is a great happy song to use as instrumental background music for corporate video or any uplifting.

The up-tempo, combined with the soft acoustic sound renders a groovy pulse without being aggressive. It’s perfect for a background track. It delivers a great pulse to you clip and does not perturb a voice over track.
The simple main riff is also great to use as a jingle for instrumental videos or video intro or outro.


Clearwater 7 tracks Pack

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Clearwater 7 tracks Pack
Year: 2017
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About Clearwater 7 tracks Pack

Happy uplifting song in the key of C major, featuring different string instruments from bluegrass and folkloric music. The bass line is played on a Bass Ukulele, the chords on an electric Ukulele, the melody on an Irish Bouzouki. The counter melody is played with an organ vintage sound performed by a synth guitar. The overall outcome of the song is fresh, ingenuous, uplifting and enjoyable. It is a perfect fit for background videos. There is a reggae flavor throughout the song that participates directly to the positive atmosphere.

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