Corporate Music Background Electro-Jazz Vol 1 – Fifteen Songs File

electro jazz vol 1Corporate music background, Electro-Jazz Vol 1 offer for corporate promos.

The Electro-Jazz Vol 1 offers fifteen original songs for background music video and presentation.

The songs included in this package are taken out from two albums by Hervé Senni, Backyard, and The Green Monster published earlier this year. Also included, an original song composed exclusively for this site ( Mighty) as well as two jingles.

Mooncircle is a Mid tempo electro-jazz featuring, a rock guitar, a choir, some vintage synthesizer, a bass, and an electro drums. The file owns the full-length song and two different jingles.

Mighty is an acid Jazz number mixing a jazz guitar with electro grooves. The song itself can be looped. It’s not a usual loop we are used to using, but the song can be repeated indefinitely without breaking the rhythm and the natural flow of the music.

Lakshmi features lots of guitars, a bass, atmospheric synthesizers, drums and traditional Indian instruments. The overall feeling of the song is Funky.

Solem is an electro-jazz with a pleasant ambiance. It owns a cool groove, with a bewitching mood.

Jungle Fever is a highly fast Jungle groove. Synth guitar, bass synth, electro synth, bass, and drums.

Thrillmatic is a slow electro-jazz song featuring traditional Indian percussion, synth guitar, electric guitars, bass, and drums.

Volt Rider is a mellow electro-jazz song with an evocative mood. Loads of guitar, electro synth, traditional Indian percussions, bass, and electro drums.

Backyard is a hypnotic electro-jazz song.

Green Monster fast Jungle groove, with a huge bassline, synth guitar, electric guitar and a fretless guitar.

Dirty Robot is a Jungle groove. Electric guitar, voice, synth guitar, bass, and vintage ribbon synths.

Fretless Glitch is an electro-jazz mixing traditional African rhythm with glitch electro groove, hereafter the song’s name. It highlights, voice, fretless guitar, electric guitar, 12 strings guitar, djembe, and drums.

Satyriasis is a fast jungle rhythm. It Mixes electro groove with electric guitars and fretless guitar. Hypnotic spirit.

Smilodon is an aerial song featuring a 12 strings guitar, nylon guitar, and fretless guitar.



Electro-Jazz Vol 1

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Electro-Jazz Vol 1
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Mooncircle 30 " $49.95
Mooncircle $49.95
Mooncircle 60 " $49.95
Mighty $49.95
Lakshmi $49.95
Solem $49.95
Jungle Fever $49.95
Thrillmatic $49.95
Volt Rider $49.95
Backyard $49.95
Green Monster $49.95
Dirty Robot $49.95
Fretless Glitch $49.95
Satyriasis $49.95
Smilodon $49.95

Get 15 songs for $225 instead of $749,25. For that price you get: the three different version of Mooncircle (the Mooncircle 3 songs pack), and songs taken out from the Backyard album and The Green Monster album.

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