Corporate Music Background – Nu-Jazz Green Bag Six Songs Offer

Green Bag - 6 versions packCorporate Music Background – Acid-Jazz music file

Green Bag is a Nu-jazz composition in the key of B minor at 120 BPM.
It features a warm melodic jazzy guitar playing over a repetitive Fender Rhodes part. The piano is playing a continuous chord sequence throughout the song. The rest of the group consists of a fat groovy bassline, a percussive brass section, and a groovy electro drums part.

The tune is minimalist on purpose. It was intended to be like that. Incredibly groovy and atmospheric, but as subtle as possible to live all the room needed for a speech, or dialogue.

The song can work as a number in itself, but it was made to be an accompaniment to other medias.

Green Bag Six Songs Offer

  • Green Bag: the main song 04:07 of delicate groove
  • Green Bag – Jingle: this is the ending of the song. It lasts 01:06 and features an ending. It can be used for a jingle, a video ends, or a radio show intro/outro.
  • Green Bag – Loop 1: 00:48 different part of the song, mixed differently, with or without the guitar melody.
  • Green Bag – Loop 2: 00:32
  • Green Bag – Loop 3: 00:16
  • Green Bag – Loop 4: 00:32

The complete pack allows you to use any file according to your needs. It gives a catchy leitmotiv to your promotions without being always the same. You can also use different loop according to your voice-over. Talk over the more quieter loop without the guitar part, and use the busier loop for a pause, and end the video with the jingle.

Needless to say, you can buy each number individually.

Green Bag 6 Songs Pack

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Green Bag 6 Songs Pack
Year: 2017
  • Tracks
  • Description

The file features 6 versions of the song.

  • the full version
  • 4 different loop
  • 1 jingle

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