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Jeronimo - five versions packCorporate Music for Video – Background Music for Corporate Presentation

Corporate music for video package deal. Jeronimo, (the name of the song), is an atmospheric progressive rock sound is a light rhythm. The drum part is extremely aerial, using lots of cymbals and melody patterns, instead of a steady heavy beat. It gives the song a soft flavor.

The song Jeronimo is taken out of the album Strat Me Up. This album is available on every streaming platforms and can also be licensed for marketing purposes. You can learn more about it, following this link if you want to license the entire album.

Recently we decided to create loops and jingles from previous music that was published as a single song. We are not doing it with every song, but when we feel that a song can bring a particular mood or render a complete sequence that is musically sound, we produce different version taken out of the main song.

Most of the time we have to remix the main mastering and to write different ending and beginning of the extracted part to create a brand-new version that sounds complete.

With the song Jeronimo, we managed to create two distinctive jingles and two loops. The two jingles have different length and are taken from really unique part of the song to carry out an opposite mood. They can be used as intro or outro from for promotional videos, or as jingles for radio or TV ads.

The song Jeronimo features two guitar parts, couples of vintage synthesizers, a funky bassline, and as I said before, a melodic drums part that was given to me by a drummer friend of mine, nicknamed Jeronimo, hence the name of the song.

The main guitar part owns a powerful rock sound that is softened by an atmospheric delay. The song carries a particular mood that can be used as background music for films. It fits perfectly with suspense scene or road movie type of atmosphere.

You can choose the extract you want if you only need a loop or a jingle. Buying the entire package gives you access to a massive saving.


Jeronimo 5 Versions Pack

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Jeronimo 5 Versions Pack
Year: 2017
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Atmospheric progressive rock. Aerial drums and repetitive bass & guitar funk riff. Melodic rock guitar.

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