Corporate Music for Video – Canon Six Songs Variant

canon - 6 versions packCanon six songs bundle is an offer meant for corporate music for video or any other type of internet marketing.

The song Canon is based on the popular chord progression by Pachelbel. It is a great sounding chord structure that can loop over and over without getting annoying or too repetitive.

The arrangement mixes different styles of music. Vintage aerial keyboards with light African shakers, electric guitar with modern high-tech sound, strumming part of acoustic guitars, and guitar synthesizer.

The result of such a mix is a light pop song that carries an optimistic and fresh mood that matches flawlessly with emotional or corporate videos. It can also be employed with videos of friendship, overcoming, passion, love, or any clips using beautiful images of landscape or sunset.

  • Canon is the main song featuring all the above.
  • Canon – Jingle 1 is the intro of the song and has been produced to be used as a 30″ jingle.
  • Canon – Jingle 2 is the second part of the song where the melody is played by the guitar synthesizer.
  • Canon – Jingle 3 Full Band is the middle part of the song, and it has been mastered for a 60″ ad or short video.
  • Canon – Jingle 3 No Synth is the middle part of the song featuring only the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar the bass and the African shakers.
  • Canon – Jingle 4 with Ending is the last part of the song and features an ending. It can be used for a jingle or as an outro song for a video.


Canon Pack

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Canon Pack
Year: 2017
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This pack holds six variants of the song canon.

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