Country Rock Audio Bundle – Six Versions of Country Sweet

Country Sweet - 6 versions pack - CopieI wrote Country Sweet with the song Hotel California by the Eagles in mind. It’s not the same chord progression or structure, but while I was recording the backing tracks, I spontaneously sang Hotel California.

It guided the orchestration and arranging of the song. Not that I wanted to copy it, but the mood influenced me, and I let this feeling conduct me.

The result is a soft folk-rock song that fits well as a background track for a video or voice over marketing task.

The file features six versions of Country Sweet

  • Country Sweet complete version. That recording features an acoustic guitar, a cool synth for the melody and a warm electric guitar performing a counter-melody using a bottleneck.
  • Country Sweet 30″ is a 30-second extract of the song that can be used for a commercial backing track.
  • Country Sweet 60″ is a 60-second extract that can serve as a background for a longer ad.
  • Country Sweet Basic Track is the full length of the song without the melody and the bottleneck guitar.
  • Country Sweet No Lead Guitar is also the whole duration of the song featuring the melody and the acoustic guitar but without the bottleneck guitar.

All these different versions of the song allow you to label your promotion without always using the same song. You can vary the background in various videos, radio jingles or podcast.

Country Rock Audio Bundle

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Country Sweet Pack
Year: 2017
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This pack features six different versions of the song Country Sweet.

You get 4 versions of the full-length song

  • complete
  • no melody
  • no electric guitar
  • no melody and no electric guitar
  • a 30" jingle
  • a 60" jingle


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