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Digital marketing using positive Ukulele music

digital marketingUke is a positive song tailor-made for corporate video promotion.
Uke stands for Ukulele. It’s the usual abbreviation for the instrument’s name.

I performed the songs using three three different models of Ukulele. A Bass Ukulele, a nylon strings concert Ukulele for the main chord progression, and an electric Ukulele featuring metallic strings to play a funkier backing track.

I performed the melody on a slide guitar in open tuning in the key of A.

The song conveys the immediate happy result expected in any happy song or uplifting instrumental backing track used for digital marketing.

This song has been composed and produced for corporate video promotions. It can be utilized as a cherry music or a corporate uplifting backing track.

It fits flawlessly with any promotional commodity operations or any video demanding a confident and sweet backing music track.

The file owns seven variations of the main track

  • The main song
  • The main song without the melody to allows you to perform all the voice-over work needed without having a slide effect in the way.
  • Two jingles
  • three loops

For those who have no commercial task to do, you can get a free version of the main song in mp3 following this link.
Keep in mind that this track is delivered under Creative Commons BY NC ND copyright, and therefore is subject to particular use.

Please refer to the specific license before using it.



Uke 7 Files Offer

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Uke 7 Files Offer
Year: 2017
  • Tracks
  • Description
Uke $49.95
Uke - No lead $49.95
Uke - jingle 1 $49.95
Uke - jingle 2 $49.95
Uke - Loop 1 $28.00
Uke - Loop 2 $28.00
Uke - Loop 3 $28.00

About Uke 7 Files Offer

The file features 7 versions of the song Uke

The entire song

The entire song without the melody

three loops

Two Jingles


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