Electro-Jazz Music Background – Satyriasis 8 songs Bundle

Satyriasis - 8 versions packElectro-Jazz Music Background – Music for Videos Background

Electro-Jazz Music Background is a hip style of music to use as a framework for a video or screenplay promotion. It gives a modern flavor as well as a jazzy sound to the presentation.

The main song Satyriasis has been taken out of the album “The Green Monster.” You can license any song of this album following this link.

We decided to create different loops and jingle from most of the song of this album, to offer variety for marketers in need of loops to master their promotion.

The song Satyriasis mixes Jungle grooves at a high tempo with jazzy and fusion guitars. We also used ribbon synthesizers to create unusual sound in the background.

We were able to create six loops and one jingle from this song. For those excerpts, we had to create a different mix, muting some guitars and adding some intro effects.

The high pace of this tune fits perfectly with sports images, and can also be used for any promotional tasks, youth oriented. It will indeed deliver a great beat to your videos or radio podcast.

Check the file bellow. You can afford each song separately or buy the full pack to get access to a great saving deal.


Satyriasis 8 songs Pack

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Satyriasis 8 Songs Pack
Year: 2017
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Satyriasis 8 Songs Pack owns various excerpt of the song as well as the complete song.


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