Electro-Jazz Six Song Pack – Slow Motion Bundle

Slow Motion - 6 versions packSlow Motion is an electro-jazz song with an acid-jazz flavor

I recorded it using a jazz guitar that I played with my thumb to have a fatter sound for the melody part. I also performed a funky guitar track with a Stratocaster that adds some groove to the song.
I enjoyed playing the bassline that I kept simple on purpose to have an infectious groove.
The core of the song is the repetitive motif I played on my synth. Every part is filling the holes of other tracks to create a groovy dialogue between each instrument.

Slow Motion Bundle

  • Slow Motion: The complete song features an aerial jazz guitar playing a tasty warm melody. Accompanied by funky guitar and bass tracks. The rest of the orchestration display two vintage synth parts and an electro rhythm part.
  • Slow Motion – No Lead: It is the same backing track as the complete version of the song, without the jazzy guitar part and one of the vintage synth. This version is made with a voice-over gig in mind. I leave all the room needed for a more wordy speech.
  • Slow Motion – Loop: It an be looped indefinitely. That loop is the intro part of the song, with all the instruments.
  • Slow Motion – Loop No Lead: Same as the other one but no lead for voice-over tasks.
  • Slow Motion – Loop 2 Strat: This is the B part of the song without the jazzy guitar part.
  • Slow Motion – Loop 2 No Lead: Same as above without the Stratocaster.

Slow Motion Bundle

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Slow Motion Bundle
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The Slow Motion bundle features 6 different version of the song.

  • The entire song
  • The entire song without the melody
  • 2 loops with the complete orchestration
  • 2loops without the melody

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