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Beastly -12 versions packElectro Music For Marketers – Boost your campaign

The Beastly pack highlights 12 distinct variants of the same song.
Three versions are featuring different orchestration of the entire length tune.

Beastly – strat – Reso owns a resonator jazz guitar with a spatial sound that plays ethereal melodic lines above the steady engaging electropulse, while a Stratocaster performs funky rhythm patterns.

The electro backing track features high-tech contemporary synthesizer mixed with kid toys sound.

Beastly – strat is the same song as the above without the jazz guitar. The mix is also different to render a different outcome and to give more importance to the Stratocaster and the electro melodic lines.

Beastly is the pure electro variant, without any guitar. It is 100% techno and can be used as a dance song. The absence of guitars give more power to the electro music and changes the style of the song completely.

The rest of the file highlights five different jingles for radio or TV advertisement. They can also be applied as an intro or outro song for a video or a radio broadcast.

There is also four loop taken out of the song from the three different versions. Loops are cool for video marketing. You can loop them indefinitely in the background to give a style and life to your promotional videos.

Another interesting technique is to use a jingle for the intro, and a loop that matches with your speech, and to conclude the clip with the same jingle you have used in the intro.

It assures you to have to perfect length for your video every time, without having to search for the correct time to suit your work.


Beastly 12 songs Pack

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Beastly - 12 songs Electro Pack
Year: 2017
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Beastly Electro Pack

The pack features 12 audio files of the song Beastly.

3 different versions of the full-length song

5 Jingles

4 loops

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