Electronic Music Licensing Set Offer – Beat Pack- Music for Marketing

beat - 3 versions packThe electronic music licensing set offer features three versions of the song Beat.

The song Beat has a duration of 02:25. It is a mid-tempo cool electro song with atmospheric synthesizer sounds and a continuous rhythm pattern using electro drum sounds. It is a great electro song with a steady pulse. The spatial synth sound enlarges the overall sound of the number.

The two other versions of the song are a 30 seconds jingle intended for a TV or radio ad, and a 60 seconds jingle intended for longer commercial messages.

This pack will add a significant boost to your videos or promotional presentations. The song Beat has a great positive drive that will energize your products. The tune was composed as a music for marketing by design. There is plenty of space for a promotional speech.

You can get the three songs Beat pack for the price of $50. You can also buy each song individually for the price of $49.95 a piece. The package offer is a great saving offer of $99,85 exactly.

Beat Pack Offer

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Beat Pack
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Beat $49.95
Beat 30" $49.95
Beat 60" $49.95

The Beat pack regroups three different versions of the same song, featuring totally different orchestration and length.

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