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Music Library

Music Library – The source of background music for Internet Marketing

Are you searching for the perfect song to include in your new film or to boost the sales of an upcoming product?

Maybe you are creating a new fitness video, and you want to pump up the volume with all of your favorite new hits.

Your latest Youtube video would be much more complete and be entertaining with a couple of songs in the background.

That wedding video you posted on your business website is dull and boring without any music to listen to while watching it.

Whatever the reason is for your music need, you are at the right place.

Music Library – The ultimate solution to find the track you’re looking for

Music has the potential to boost sales or make films more intense, but choosing the wrong music can have an undesired or opposite outcome.

Did you know that the pace of a song and the volume of a song can influence our behaviors? Songs with quick tempos tend to make us walk faster while quiet songs tend to make us more relaxed and slower paced.

Music affects how we feel, and it can drastically change our mood. Music also allows us to express ideas and thoughts that can’t be put into words.

It motivates us, cheers us up, makes us think, and helps us focus. The right music can intrigue us, keep us on the edge of our seat, give us goosebumps or make us laugh. These are all reasons why music can be a great addition to any of your projects.

Music Library – The legal and affordable solution

However, most of us are aware that we can’t use just any song we want for promotional or entertainment purposes without obtaining the proper licensing. What we don’t know is where to go to get the license and how to go about using it.

That is where we step in to help.

Music Library @

Why is music licensing relevant and is it that necessary? It probably goes without saying that no one likes to work without being compensated. A lot of time and hard work goes into creating and producing a high-quality song. An artist hopes to either make a monetary gain or to break even with the expenses incurred when producing a song.

If music is used without providing compensation to the copyright owners/artists, they are essentially working for free. Obtaining the proper music licensing ensures that the appropriate people are being compensated for their efforts. Licensing also ensures that you are legally using the music and that you will not be subjected to any criminal charges or fines.

Music Library License

We provide the licensing you need to make quality music accessible to you when you need it. We have an extensive music library, and we are available to help you find the perfect song to accommodate your needs. You can search our library yourself, or you can tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we can assist in finding the right music for your needs.

We are very familiar with our music library, and we will use this knowledge to support your project, even if you don’t know what type of music you want for your project precisely.

We provide licensing such as Promotional/Branded Content licenses, External Use licenses, Internal Use licenses, Indie Film licenses, crowd funding licenses, wedding licenses and more. We can provide you with the instrumental track licensing required, and the license will never expire as long as the same original buyer is using it.

Instrumental background music

Contact us now if you are ready to get started, and need help to choose the instrumental backing track that fits better for your project.

We are always available to answer any questions and to help you meet your project needs. We look forward to hearing from you and would be honored to work with you in the future.

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