Free Royalty Free Song & 9 Track Happy Song Pack

Free Royalty Free SongFree Royalty Free Song Upbeat Cherry Song

Today at MLD we decided to give away a happy song in the style of cherry song. It is an ultra positive song that features everything needed in this style of music.

It is perfect for corporate videos or any youth oriented uplifting marketing campaign or Facebook like videos.

THe complete file on sale features nine different tracks of the song.

Two full-length version of the song, one full and the other one without the lead. This second is perfect for promotion where you intend to talk a lot.
One 30″ jingle for shorter advertisement, intro or outro video or regular ads.
Six loops of different length and mood that were withdrawn for the song at various places.

Finally, you can get access to the song Free Royalty Free Song Up Sweep for free.

You can use it for videos or website animation ONLY if you link back to this site. Its a BY NC ND creative common license. So you cannot use it for commercial purpose, modify it, sell it and use it as music hold, etc… Read the full license before using it.



Up Sweep 9 Tracks Pack

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Up Sweep 9 Tracks Pack
Year: 2017
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Up Sweep features a ukulele, an acoustic guitar bottleneck country guitar, and a happy vintage sound. It is a perfect song for any corporate promotion or youth product. The song puts on a smile on your face and carries a communicative groove that forces you to tap your feet and groove along. Despite all of these, the song is light and nonintrusive. It's the perfect background song for any video.

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