Funk-Rock Stock Audio Offer – Funk The Strat Pack

Funk The Strat - 7 versions packThe funk-rock Stock Audio Offer contains seven different version of the song Funk The Strat.

It’s a mid-tempo funk-rock song I performed with my beloved Stratocaster nicknamed Burned Special because the wood parts were burned ( on purpose) and the wiring I made is based on the Brian May’ Red Special wiring.

It allows me to get conventional Stratocaster sound as well as advanced out-of-phase sounds. I used both settings in the song.

As usual, I make multiple different version of the song to face all possible usages for your marketing duties. I always keep in mind that the music I produce is intended to be used with something else and that I must always leave room for a voice-over or dialogues.

Even the complete song that features melody or a solo is recorded with those requirements in mind.

The pack holds

  • Funk The Strat complete version. A three minutes funk rock song with a groovy bassline and percussive funk guitar parts
  • Funk The Strat 30″ is intended to be used for a jingle or a commercial ad
  • Funk The Strat 60″ is intended for a longer commercial
  • Funk The Strat loop 15″ is the A part of the song. You can loop it indefinitely to get a background you set as long as you need
  • Funk The Strat loop 30″ Is the B part of the song. Same use as the loop above. You can mix both of them to vary your background
  • Funk The Strat loop B No Lead 30″ Is the B part of the song without the lead guitar part
  • Funk The Strat No Lead is the entire song without the lead guitar part

Funk The Strat Pack

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Funk The Strat Pack
Year: 2017
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$105 for the entire pack, instead of $283.80.

  • The file includes:
  • The full-length song
  • The full-length song with no guitar lead
  • 3 loops
  • one 30 seconds jingle
  • one 60 seconds jingle

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