Good background music for videos – Jungle Groove Stock Music Pack

Jungle Groove - 3 versions packThe Jungle Groove pack is a great file to use for background music for videos.

The main song Jungle is an up-tempo infectious groove of 02:54 long. The drum part uses electro music sounds and secures an energetic tempo to the music.

The bass has a huge sound and gives a gigantic largeness to the piece. The overall type of the song carries a hypnotic rhythm while different synth answers each other melodically.

Jungle 30″ is an extract of the first part of the song without the melody. It’s intended for a backing track of a commercial ad.

Jungle 60″ is a longer extract of the song to accompany a longer ad or to be used as an intro for a video.

All the parts have been performed on a guitar synthesizer.

Check out this video we made using the song Jungle to illustrate copyrigh free images we got on the web from various places.

 Jungle Groove

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Jungle Groove
Year: 2017
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Jungle $49.95
Jungle 30" $49.95
Jungle 60" $49.95

Get 3 songs for $50 instead of $149.85. This is three different version and length of the same song. You get the 30", 60" and full song.


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