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Senntar - 6 Versions PackIndie instrumental background music for promotional videos

This file contains six excerpts and variants of the same song. Senntar is a composition that blends traditional Indian rhythms and harmonies with rhythm parts coming from electro music.

This piece has a driving beat. It carries a very optimistic and positive sound.

Senntar is in the key of C major, at 120 BPM. It was composed with a very simple orchestration, to be able to hear each part very distinctly.

The main parts are interpreted with an electric guitar/sitar I have built. The sound is very close to a real sitar, but it is an electric guitar. These are not sampled sounds interpreted with a synthesizer, but a real instrument.

As I have already mentioned, the file contains six different files which are excerpts from the same piece, to put at your disposal loops and jingles, in addition to the whole piece to have a wider range of tools for your marketing duties.

The file includes:

  • The entire piece
  • 3 loops
  • 2 signs

As for each offer, you can buy any piece independently, or get access to a substantial discount by purchasing the whole file.


Senntar 6 Songs Pack

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Senntar 6 Songs Pack
Year: 2017
  • Tracks
  • Description

Senntar is a Hindi style composition. I played it with an electric guitar/sitar that I made. It is a piece that mixes traditional Indian rhythm with electro rhythm parts. The tracks interpreted with the electric sitar have a traditional Indian spirit flavor using Oriental scales. While the bass, wish owns a huge and powerful sound, blends to perfection with electronic drum parts.

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