How to Use Our Stock Music License for Background track Videos

This article reviews some examples of how you can use our music as background backing track for your promotional videos.

We used three different stock audio files taken from two pack offers on sale on this site. We used copyright free videos obtained at This site is a great resource to get free images and video content.

The nature of the videos used was calling for soft melodic content.

We utilized two different versions of the song Approaching Calm. The Approaching Calm – loop B is used in the intro and the loop was repeated twice to match the length of the sequence.

The cool thing with loops is that you only have to copy and paste them side by side in your video software to meet the time you need. You can do a complete video with only one loop, and play with fade in and out effect to blend perfectly with your speech.

The middle part of the video is using the Pastorale – Jingle 2 file taken from the Pastorale pack. It’s a soft song that matches perfectly with sensitive contents.

This file is the second part of the song. It was produced as a background music for a 30 seconds commercial.

To close the video, we decided to use the Approaching Calm – B Jingle music file. We did it on purpose, to have the video finishing with the same song as the one used in the intro, but with a different version. It gives continuity to the film.

It took us less than twenty minutes to complete this clip.

Enjoy the video

As you can see, the video is pleasant to watch while using beautiful but static and unimportant images. The backing tracks are enhancing the images well and deliver a cool and strong feeling to the entire clip.

Links to the two packs used in the video

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