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Indie Music Library. Galaxy Drops is an upbeat tune that blends Indie pop music with disco drums and a fat bass line. The tempo is set at 120 BPM and carries a communicative drive that can be employed to support corporate videos as well as a movie soundtrack.

The Indie Music sound and harmony are not as present as in the two other Indie music packages on sale at MusicLicensingDeal. It was done on purpose, to be able to use this pack for a regular corporate video, and for an Indie product campaign.The minimalist sitar melody that personifies the Indie music flavor is played at the beginning and the end of the song only.

The Indie Music file holds eight different versions of the instrumental music song: Galaxy Drops.

As usual, the original full-length song is featured as well as different loops and jingles taken out of the song and rearranged.

In this file, we included five loops and two jingles.

On purpose, we removed the sitar track from the loops and jingles to render a pure upbeat corporate instrumental background music that can be used with any promotional efforts.

Galaxy Drops has been performed with a custom guitar/sitar and another electric guitar to play funky/disco type of rhythms. The rest of the song consists of a fat and groovy bassline, an electro disco drums and some atmospheric background effects that are performed on an electric guitar. It sounds like a synth, but they are none in this one.


Galaxy Drops

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Galaxy Drops 8 Versions Pack
Year: 2017
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Galaxy Drops is an upbeat song mixing flavor of Indie pop and disco grooves. The song is at 120 BPM and delivers a positive energy that can be used to promote corporate videos and also as a film background.

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