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Dholak- 10 tracks offerIndie Stock Music File – Give an Oriental Touch to Your Promotion

Indie stock music file. These files feature ten different versions of the song Dholak. The tune mixes transitional Indian rhythm performed on a Dholak with an electronic groove. Various Western and non-traditional instruments are mixed to render a unique song.

The sitar part you hear is being performed on a custom electric sitar guitar. I built recently. You can learn more about this instrument following this link on my other site devoted to custom guitars.
This instrument has the particularity to sound exactly like a sitar. In reality, it is an electric guitar with a sitar bridge.

In Dholak, the electric sitar triggers a vintage synth. The sound of the instrument is doubled to make it larger and more modern.

The song is featuring two different parts and an interlude. You can see it as an A part and a B part.

The A part is performed on the electric sitar. The rest of the group consists of an acoustic guitar, and electric bass and a Dholak.

The B part is performed on a regular electric guitar owning a vintage sound featuring distortion and tremolo.

The second time the two parts are played again, the electro drums kicks in. The same A and B parts are played again with a slightly different variation of the melody.

The interlude is an entirely different part in a different key. It is performed on the electric sitar and the acoustic guitar, as long as the electric bass and the full percussion ensemble, which consists of the Dholak and the electro drums.

After the interlude, the song plays the A and B parts again with a different interpretation of the lead.

Some info about the Dholak

As explained on the Wikipedia page, the Dholak is a two-headed hand drum that is widely used in South Asia countries. It is a pitched instrument which tuning varies depending on the different size of the drums. From a perfect fourth to a perfect fifth.

Depending on where the instrument is used, it has a different name. Learn more about the Dholak on the Wikipedia page covering this percussion instrument.


Dholak 10 versions pack

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Dholak 10 Versions Pack
Year: 2017
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Dholak is a song based on a traditional Indian rhythm. It is also a traditional instrument. I mixed the ethnic groove with an electro pattern that fits perfectly together. The song features an acoustic guitar, a bass, an electric guitar and an electric guitar/sitar I built. The Sitar is blended with atmospheric synth sound to enlarge the sound.

Dholak picture courtesy of Wikipedia

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons license.

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