Jingle Music Pack Offer – Music for Advertisements

Jingle PackThis jingle music pack is by far the biggest bundle we are offering up to now. It holds 36 jingles in various style of music for your advertisement duties.

It is a huge saving. We are selling this pack based on a $10 a piece fee instead of $49.95 regular price. The regular price of the complete package should be $1798.20. We are selling it $360 instead.

Most music style used in music for advertisements are covered.
Rock, Folk-Rock, Funk-Rock, Electro, Country-Rock, Electro-Rock, Corporate Music.

30″ or 60″ jingle intended for various formats. You can also use them as intro or outro music for a video or a podcast.

All these jingles are taken out of smaller offers. Generally, we are offering packs that include various orchestrations of the long version of the song, and we include all the possible loops and jingles we can generate from the original tune.

In this pack, we selected only the jingle versions taken out from all the individual package we produced since the beginning of the site, to offer a huge ad bundle offer.

If you only need short music intro or outro or if you are only producing radio or TV jingles, this pack is for you.



Jingle Pack

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Jingle Pack
Year: 2017
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