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Jukebox - 7 versions packJukebox Seven Songs Bundle Bargain

The Jukebox offer regroups seven different version of the song Jukebox.

Jukebox is an instrumental song wish carries a pop-rock rockabilly flavor. It’s an easy listening track which fits perfectly with a background video or any broadcast usage, like a radio or podcast show.

The stock music pack features:

  • The full version
  • The full version without the lead guitar part
  • One 30″ loop with the lead guitar
  • One 30″ loop without the lead guitar part
  • One 60″ loop with the lead guitar
  • One 60″ loop without the lead guitar part
  • One 30″ jingle with an ending

This pack is Taylor made for customers seeking every possible format for their media production.

The full version is perfect for an intro or outro tasks, a silent video, or a video that do not features lots of voice over.

The full version without the lead guitar part is made for voice over tasks. You get all the room you want to speak freely without having a lead guitar in the way, even if the lead guitar is performed with a backing track use in mind. Nothing too intrusive here.

The loops are good for unlimited voice over. You can mix with and without the lead guitar to vary the music background.

Finally, the 30″ jingle is made for a commercial ad in mind. It fits perfectly for conventional 30″ radio ad.

Buying the complete pack allows you to have a continuity for your product promotion. Needless to say, you can use it indefinitely, as long as you respect the end-user agreement.

You can also buy each song individually if you only need one of the formats featured in the pack.

Jukebox 7 versions pack

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Jukebox Pack
Year: 2017
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This pack features 7 different versions of the same song for the price of $105 instead of $349.65.

The pack holds

  • the full version
  • the full version without the lead guitar part
  • Two 30" loop
  • Two 60" loop
  • One 30" jingle with an ending

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