Junior Shuffle Full Package – Unplugged & Electric Versions

Junior Shuffle - 5 versions packThe Junior Shuffle Full Package features the two Unplugged version of the song as well as the three Electric Variants.

It’s a five songs package deal. If you prefer the electric versions, they are available in a smaller pack.

The Junior Shuffle unplugged edition is performed on acoustic guitars and uses a lighter drum and bass sound. It has a less rock output. The chord progression and the structure of the song are the same as the original electric version, but the chords have been “jazzified.” Instead of rock power chords, seven chords had been added to make it sound bluesier.

The Junior Shuffle unplugged features three acoustic guitar tracks, as well as a bass and drum tracks.
The blues guitar track that is the foundation of the song is the same in both versions. Only played on a different instrument. The second part too is the same but simplified. The big difference is the melody part. Even if I followed the same pattern than the one used in the electric version, I modified the bottleneck part slightly. Also, an additional counter melody has been added at the beginning of the song, like an answer to the two other riffs.

The Junior Shuffle unplugged is the same version but without the melody parts, to leave more room for a voice over job.

The 3 electric versions have already been covered in another article. Check it out.

Junior Shuffle Full Package

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Junior Shuffle Full Pack
Year: 2017
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Get five songs for $75 instead of $249.75.

The file features the two acoustic version of the song and 3 different electric version.

You can get the electric version pack only or buy each song individually.



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