Mando Swing – Bluegrass Background Music

Bluegrass Background Music for promotional videos

mando blues 7 versions packMando Swing is a mid-tempo swing blues at 120 BPM. It has been recorded using all sorts of acoustic and electric bluegrass and folk instruments. Electroacoustic Mandolin, electric mandolin as well as four strings electric mandolin.

The counter melody and chords are performed on an acoustic tenor ukulele in the first part and ending of the song. The middle section is performed on an electric ukulele. Finally, the bass line is played on a bass ukulele. The song owns a cool and uplifting feeling that works great as a background music for promotional videos.

You can also grab a free MP3 version of the main song Mando Swing following this link. The song is under Creative Common License and is free to use under certain circumstances.



Mando Swing

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Mando Swing 7 Versions Pack
Year: 2017
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