Corporate Background Music For Your Presentations & Jingles

memories - 3 versions packThe memories pack is a file of three corporate background music you can use for your presentations. It can be used to support videos, jingles, slideshows or radio ads, only to name a few.

The folder on sale delivers the full-length version of the song and two jingles of different length. 30 seconds, and a sixty seconds variants.

Having access to multiple formats of the same song is ideal to add a branding to the product you promote.

Using the same song for intro or background music every time you launch a promotional campaign, will allow you to retain your target audience. They will quickly identify your product every time they hear your music theme.

The song Memories is interpreted with an acoustic guitar, which renders a delicate and relaxing mood to the ensemble. A repetitive and catchy melody that constitute the main part of the tune is played on a synthesizer with a crystalline sound. The whole song is supported by cosmic synth’ sounds in the background to accentuate the vaporous and peaceful ambiance.

Memories is a nice and cool song that will remain pleasantly into listeners ears at the first listening.



Memories Pack

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Memories Pack
Year: 2017
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Memories $49.95
Memories 30" $49.95
Memories 60" $49.95

The Memories 3 Songs Pack holds three different lengths of the same song. Two short versions intended for jingle or spots and a full-length version for a background video or a voice over work.


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