Mendox – Heavy Metal Background Music

Heavy Metal Background MusicMendox is an energetic heavy metal background music at 140 BPM

It features a simplistic and notably powerful orchestration. A conventional Power trio: guitar, bass, and drums.

The novelty of the song relies on the unusual guitar tuning. The instrument is tuned in fifth, like a mandolin but on six string, and this tonal open tuning coupled with the extreme low register combined with the guitar perform a distinctly large sound and supports to play chords and harmony that is unique.

It is an excellent song for an instrumental or action-packed video. Despite all this, each part is straightforward and leave all the place required for a voice-over.

Mendox, according to the website is,

A slang truncation of “mendokusai”, the Japanese word for troublesome, used by English speakers in Japan.

I picked that name because I was searching for something related to “Mandolin.” But the term mandolin was too folk-oriented for a heavy metal track.
Browsing the site, I ended up on that one, and I was pleased because it has a phonetic reference to Mandolin and sounds heavy enough for a loud song.

By the way, the song has been purposely mixed and mastered really loud compared to the other tracks available on this site.

The file features six tracks of the song

  • The main song
  • four loops
  • one jingle

One thing to note is that the full-length song and the jingle can loop too flawlessly.



Mendox 6 Tracks Power Rock

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Mendox 6 Tracks Power Rock
Year: 2017
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