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Cool Picking PackCool Picking Pack is music for advertisements bundle offer. It features three variants of the same song to propose a different alternative for your marketing projects.

You can use a different version for your videos, and still, have the same music to identify your promotions quickly.

Cool Picking is a mid-tempo folk song featuring an acoustic guitar playing a finger picking happy repetitive bluesy part. Midway through the song, the rhythm changes for a mid rock feel. Bass and drums get busier, while the guitar stays the same.

Cool Picking 2 is the same acoustic trio group featured in the first variant of the song. In this version, a resonator guitar is riffing away with a clean sound. When the song gets rockier, the resonator track adds another rhythmical riff on top of the trio.

Cool Picking Wah as you certainly understood features a resonator track plugged into a Wah FX. The approach is the same as the second version. It consists more of not intrusive riffs than an elaborated melody.

The concept of those three cuts is to leave as much room as possible for a voice-over track while being enjoyable to listen.

Those songs are also included in a larger folk-rock pack. Take a look at this bundle offer following this link.



Cool Picking Pack

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Cool Picking Pack
Year: 2017
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Get 3 songs for $50 instead of $149.85. This is three different version of the same song. The first one is the acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. The two others feature a different aerial guitar solo, leaving lots of room for a voice over.

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