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Wolf Shuffle PackWolf Shuffle Pack is a three songs bundle music for advertisements offer.

Wolf Shuffle is already included in the massive folk-rock package offer on sale here. If you require more audio files in that style of music, you are positively encouraged to take a look at this product.

Wolf Shuffle pack detailed:

Wolf Shuffle is a mid-tempo folk rock sound with a steady shuffle groove. Each version features the same acoustic trio you can hear in the first audio file.

The two other files are featuring an added resonator guitar track on top of the trio.

In Wolf Shuffle 2, a resonator guitar with a clean sound performs an aerial solo. It consists more of spaced guitar riffs than a steady guitar solo. It was made on purpose, to be a soft backing track file allowing you to perform your promotional speech without having an omnipresent guitar solo in the way.

Wolf Shuffle 3 features a resonator solo plugged into a Wah FX. The approach is the same as in the Wolf Shuffle 2 variant. You can clearly hear each part distinctly and have all the room needed for your voice-over track.


Wolf Shuffle pack

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Wolf Shuffle Pack
Year: 2017
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Get 3 songs for $50 instead of $149.85. This is three different version of the same song. The first one is the acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. The two others feature a different aerial guitar solo, leaving lots of room for a voice over.

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