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Folk Rock PackOur music Folk Rock Pack regroups ten songs intended to be used for advertising. It is a folk-rock pack offer.

This package includes:

three versions of the song Wolf Shuffle.

  • Wolf Shuffle original version is interpreted on an acoustic guitar accompanied by an electric bass and a jazzy drum part.
  • Wolf Shuffle 2 features a bluesy resonator guitar part on top of the trio background of the first version.
  • Wolf Shuffle 3 features a wah resonator bluesy part over the core trio from Wolf Shuffle opening variant.

Cool Picking is another folk-rock song played on an acoustic guitar in a finger picking style, hence the name.

  • Cool Picking is a trio mid-tempo cool folk song. It starts softly with the drums playing a sidestick rhythm. It goes into mid-shuffle steady tempo midway throughout the song.
  • Cool Picking 2 is the same principal concept as Wolf Shuffle 2. It features a bluesy resonator guitar playing blues riffs on top of the acoustic trio.
  • Cool Picking Wah is once again the same concept as Wolf Shuffle 3. A resonator guitar plugged into a wah pedal blues away over the acoustic trio.

Folk Duet features two acoustic guitars. A guitar is playing a confident, melodic country rock solo over a steady guitar strumming.

Folk On! is an half-time folk-rock song. More on the rock side than the other songs reviewed above.

Half Time Rock – Acoustic Version is an acoustic variant of a rock song published in another pack. The rhythm part is performed on an acoustic guitar and the melody part on a resonator guitar. In the middle part, a wah pedal is added to the resonator. Otherwise, it sounds close to an acoustic guitar.

Yeehaw is a country and western song featuring a fiddle, an accordion, an acoustic and an electric guitar. A typical country guitar solo is performed in the middle part of the song when it gets rockier. The song as a funny flavor.



Folk Rock Pack

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Folk Rock Pack
Year: 2017
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Get 10 songs for $150 instead of $499.50. This is a great deal if you need lots of material for your media project. You can also buy each song individually if you don't need them all.


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