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Encore - 8 versions packProgressive Rock Music for Atmospheric Background

The song Encore is extracted from the disk Strat Me Up which is available in license version and normal version for your listening. It is a record that mixes pieces of rock influences with pieces of progressive-rock style.

Encore is a progressive rock piece in odd meter in 5/4. The middle of the song changes in 3/4, then in 4/4, to return to the main Riff of the beginning in 5/4. All this gibberish may sound complicated, intellectual and overwhelming, but the song is flowing, and it is very melodic.

As for the previous tracks, we decided to extract all the loops and shorter portion of the piece to make them more usable to publicists who need loop generating particular moods for their work.

The song, as well as all the extracts that we have chosen, provides very intense atmospheres. They can be used for web-series, dramatic movies or promotional videos in need of dark ambiance.

All loops have been remixed so that they can repeat themselves without any problems or hiccups.

The file contains eight songs.

The entire song as it appears on the album. Note that it has been remastered to fit perfectly with the loops and the jingle present on this file. Thus, there will be no sound difference between each extract.

The loops are for the most part concise. They resume very particular passage of the piece. As well as the jingle which is the end of the piece, and therefore makes it possible to obtain an ending to a passage of about forty seconds.

You can as usual buy each piece independently or the entire file to get a significant reduction.


Encore 8 tracks file

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Encore 8 Songs Pack
Year: 2017
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Encore is taken out from the album Strat me Up.

It is a progressive rock type of music in an odd meter. (5/4)

The file owns the song itself as well as 6 loops and one jingle.

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