Music for Videos – Cool Jazz Vol 1 – 7 Songs Collection

cool jazzMusic for videos in the cool jazz music style

This pack features seven songs in the style of cool jazz. Different genres of music are used, from Bossa Nova to BeBop and Jazz Fusion. All the songs offer the same smoothness and fit very well with cinematic or corporate videos or slideshows.

Cool Jazz Vol 1 Detail

JTT is taken out from my album Positive Grooves. That song wasn’t composed to be used as music for videos. I wrote it in 1990 for a jazz group I was playing in. It is a melodic cool jazz song with a bossa nova flavor. It has a smooth overall feeling that works well as background music.

Micro Swing is taken from the same album and wasn’t also composed as stock music. It has an atmospheric ambiance that works perfectly as a backing track. It can be utilized for a radio show or any sweet languorous voice over gig.

Mighty is a mid-tempo acid-jazz song featuring a jazz guitar with a soft sound, an electric piano, and a vintage synth. Good for sports video, radio, etc.

Nostalgia is a jazz waltz with a nostalgic mood. It fits perfectly for a soundtrack featuring moving images or scenes. The melody and harmony remind the music of Eric Satie that I intentionally get my inspiration.

Nylon Blues is a mid-tempo traditional bebop blues in F major. two nylon guitars, a double bass and a drum with brushes.

Ruby Live is a lighter version of the song Ruby also featured in this package. It is a soft melodic jazz fusion with a bewitching mood.

Ruby is taken from my album Keep It simple. It features a much more advanced orchestration, and it is also longer that the other version included in this pack.

You can listen to all my albums for free, or download them for a small amount of money if you want to enjoy them for your convenience, but if you want to use them for marketing purpose, you have to buy a license.



Cool Jazz Vol 1

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Cool Jazz Vol 1
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JTT $49.95
Micro Swing $49.95
Mighty $49.95
Nostalgia $49.95
Nylon Blues $49.95
Ruby Live $49.95
Ruby $49.95

Get 7 songs for $105 instead of $349.65. This is a great saving if you intend to use many songs for your media project.

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