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Production Music Library – License Music for Video is a Music Library who offers a large and perpetually growing collection of music to license for your media duties.

Hervé Senni is the only, and prolific composer working at His extensive writer’s palette allows him to compose in almost every style of music to face your needs. From rock to classical and everything in between.

Check out this link to learn more about him.

Nowadays, the internet is by far the biggest promotional tool and also the number one media distribution of all sorts. We can all release a movie, a radio station, music albums, etc. But to deliver a finished product, we need collaborators to provide various skills to complete the project with quality and speed.

Enjoy our promo video using some of our music taken from our Music Library

The Need of  Music Licensing

The originality of the music is of extreme importance. Independent production music library like is a valuable and affordable way to get content that is not overused.

There is nothing more disconcerting to find that the song we just bought is everywhere. In videos promoting different products that have nothing to do with each other. From an alternative food site to an online credit card, and everything in between.

It may be counterproductive to use a backing track associated with another product incompatible with yours by its nature. Instead of having an excellent professional video, it can turn into: “Oh, they are using the same song as this cheeseburger’s video that is all over the place for a vegan product….”

Buying at Music Licensing Deal

Buying at a smaller Music Library such as us, ensures you have quality original music that you will not hear everywhere without having to buy exclusive rights at exorbitant prices.

Whatever the format you are working on, we have the track you need. If you don’t find the ideal content, we can produce it for you at the same price if you don’t ask exclusivity, and if we consider that this type of work can have some success on our portal.

Nevertheless, we will find a solution at a price you will not find anywhere else. Use the contact form, and we’ll sort out a deal that will suit both parties.

How to License Music @ MLD

Depending on your requirement, you can license a single song or buy a pack featuring many songs in collections regrouping music from the same style or different version of the same song. The entire song, the complete song without the melody, 60″ or 30″ jingles, loops, etc…

Whatever file you purchase, you can use it unlimitedly, as long as you respect the conditions of use. You can read the rules that apply reading the end-user license agreement page.

Most of our music is written exclusively for the use of music licenses. Some other songs offered in stock come from original music albums, not created for license purposes in the first place.

If you only want to enjoy these albums for your use, look at our album’s tag to listen to them without having to pay a dime and having to endure the awful “preview” message.

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