Music Marketing Services – Electro Rock Mooncircle Pack


Music Marketing Services – Electro Rock Mooncircle Pack

Music marketing services. Electro rock tune for your promotional production.

The Mooncircle Pack features the song Mooncircle as well as two jingle versions. One of 30″ and one of 60″.

If you are looking for more music in that style, we recently produced a much bigger offer featuring fifteen Songs in the style of Electro rock. We also refer to it as electro jazz as well. You choose your favorite term. 😉

The song Mooncircle features a big rock guitar riffing over an electro groove generated by electro drums, an electric bass, and some vintage synthesizers.

As the song goes, there is more and more guitar part. It starts with one, then a second guitar is added, and the song ends up with a third guitar combined to the blend, creating a crescendo.

Mooncircle is taken out of the album Backyard. You can listen to the entire album for free on streaming platforms such as Spotify or Deezer, or download it for your benefit at Microsft Grooves or Amazon, only to name a few.

But if you want to use them for marketing production, you must buy a license.



Mooncircle Pack

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Mooncircle Pack
Year: 2017
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Get 3 songs for $50 instead of $149,85. This is a great saving. You get 3 differents length of the song Mooncircle. You can use them for short and long jingle as well as background music with the full-length version.

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