Mustang Wanted Folk Rock stock Music Background Opportunity

Mustang Wanted - 3 versions packMusic Background licensing three songs pack

Mustang Wanted is a folk rock stock Music Licensing portfolio intended for marketing assignments.

The file features three different recording of the same song.

The song Mustang Wanted was originally written for my jazz trio back in the ’90s. The original version is taken out from my Jazz fusion album Strat Me Up. It wasn’t intended to be used as background music in the first place. Nevertheless, the steady groove and recurring riff fit well as a soundtrack for a video.

I decided to record two lighter version using only the main guitar and bass riff. I performed the new variants using an acoustic guitar for the rhythmic part.

Mustang Wanted pack

  • Mustang Wanted blues rock Version features the acoustic guitar accompaniment trio and a bluesy electric guitar riffing away.
  • Mustang Wanted Folk Blues Version owns the same acoustic trio, backing a different guitar. The electric guitar sound is rockier than the one from the previews version, and the playing is totally different too.
  • Mustang Wanted. This is the original recording of the song. It features a much more advanced orchestration and is much longer. The overall atmosphere of the number is much rockier and owns a jazz fusion spirit.


Mustang Wanted pack

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Mustang Wanted
Year: 2017
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Get 3 songs for $50 instead of $149.85. This is a great saving. Those are three different versions of the same song. 2 are simplified versions with a different electric guitar playing a simple melodic solo over an acoustic guitar. The third version is taken from the album Strat Me Upand is completely different in form, instrumentation and lenght.


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