Pastorale – Background Music for Corporate Presentation

Pastorale - 5 versions packPastorale is a background music for corporate presentation. For the price of $75, you get five unique variants of the song Pastorale.

Pastorale is a song starring an acoustic grand piano, real sampled strings, and an electro drums track, along with spatial synth sounds in the background.

The song owns a calm and friendly ambiance. It matches well with moving and sensitive content, understanding and brotherhood videos, passion, and moments of overcoming.

It also has a new age feeling that goes flawlessly with meditation, health food, and psychologies material.

The quiet and warm feeling of the song gives you all the room you need for passionate voice overs content.

The file display:

  • The entire version of the song
  • One 1 minute jingle
  • One 01:20 jingle
  • One quiet loop
  • One more lively loop

As always, you can buy each song individually, if you only need music content for one marketing task. But if you are using music often in your marketing labor, purchasing the complete pack is not only a great money saving offer, but it allows you to add diversity as well as a highly recognizable sound to your operations.

Take a look at this video we made using the 30″ jingle

Pastorale is used at the 0:30 mark in the clip.

The other background music files used are taken from the Approaching Calm bundle file offer.


Pastorale Pack

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Pastorale Pack
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The Pastorale pack features five different versions of the song.

  • Pastorale complete song
  • Pastorale - loop Voice
  • Pastorale - loop cool
  • Pastorale - Jingle 2
  • Pastorale - Jingle

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