Remastered version of the Orchestral Pack Vol 1

Orchestral vol 1I decided to remaster all the pieces included in the Orchestral pack volume 1 that were on sale since almost the beginning of the site.

Mastering is the process of finishing the mixed stereo track of a song. This is how a sound engineer adds space, overall volume, and general equalization to the song according to its style.

Mastering is the last step in the sound fixation of a music:
recording – mixing – mastering.

The mastering phase is therefore used to “calibrate” the title so that it corresponds to current market standards.

In the case of the music featured in the Orchestral Vol 1 pack, the mastering was good, but not corresponding to the standards of the genre.

The pieces sounded well. I could have let them as they were without any problem. But I’m a perfectionist and I was bothered by the overall result of the mastering.

It was not respecting the softer and classical style of the music. The so-called “current market standards” of that type of music.

If you already bought this pack, contact me using the same email you used to acquire the Orchestral Vol 1 package, and I’d send you the remastered version at no cost.

For everybody else, here is the amended version of the Orchestral bundle.

Orchestral Vol 1

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Orchestral Vol 1
  • Tracks
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Reverie $49.95
Epic $49.95
Colossus $49.95
Cosmic strings $49.95
Arpeggio $49.95

Get 5 songs for $75 instead of $249.75. This is a great saving if you intend to use them all. You can also buy them indivisually.

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