Rock Music File for Video Production and Product Marketing

Rock Vol 1Rock Vol 1 for Video Production and various Marketing Use

We remastered the Rock Vol 1 file. It was published a while ago. We remastered the mix for some songs, started the mix from scratch for others, and even changed some instrument parts in one piece.

The original file was featuring 4 songs. We added 3 more tunes to make it more complete.

The overture song is a perfect fit for a sports show. Be it a radio intro music or any video production. It has the winning and powerful sound that is required for such content. Especially for fight scenes, car driving, or any flick that carries aggressive images.

Neighbour Freakout is much rockier tan the previews song. It can also be utilized for sports and violent content. It is an up-tempo rock song featuring big driven rock guitars.

Metal City is one of the most powerful songs of the pack. It is a fast tempo tune with a repetitive riff and a recurring frightening scream.

Wrecked Express, features an extremely large guitar sound playing an enormous riff above an electro drum track.

Blues Crashing is the coolest and most melodic song included in this pack. It is a traditional shuffle blues in C with a warm bluesy guitar, a B3 organ, bass, and drums.

Rock Ops is an industrial rock number, blending rock and drum parts with a modern synthesizer. Communicative bass riff and catchy guitar riffs.

Atom Metal delivers big guitar sound and busy drums. It is an excellent choice to have your video stands out. It has a punch in the face effect that is nice to mark people mind. ( and not their noses).

Keep in mind that some of those songs are also featured in other packages or can be acquired individually.


Rock Vol 1

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Rock Vol 1
Year: 2017
  • Tracks
  • Description
Ouverture $49.95
Neighbour freak out $49.95
Metal City $49.95
Wrecked Express $49.95
Blues Crashing $49.95
Rock Ops $49.95
Atom Metal $49.95

Get 7 songs for $105 instead of $349,65. This is a great saving if you intend to use them all. You can also buy them individually.

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