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Royalties Free MusicRoyalties Free Music is here to help – download music videos today

If you’re looking to download music videos, then you’ve come to the right place with Royalties Free Music.
We have a selection of professionally produced and mastered tracks that you can use for a wide-variety of your music video needs!
There are no monthly subscriptions to pay – but we recommend that you bookmark our site as we’re always updating our catalog of free music for you to use to add real value to your projects.
How does it work? Under our Creative Commons Licence (CC BY NC ND) you are free to use our music as long as appropriate credit and link back to our site. This license is offered for non-commercial projects. We have incredibly competitive deals for commercial projects, so look no further.

Here are some honest reviews of four of the free songs on offer, with a selection of variations (including jingles and loops) that will cater perfectly to your needs wherever you want to download music videos.

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Clearwater With a “yeehaw” that immediately grabs the attention, this bluegrass/reggae crossover is perfect for creating a free and easy mood, providing be the ideal background music for your vacation video or product. Upbeat and positive, with a great guitar arrangement that offers tons of space for a voice-over, this piece would make a great addition to any campaign that needs that extra lift of positivity and fun.

Uke has a laid-back vibe that provides an uncluttered canvas for voice-overs, contributing an extra boost of energy to anything it accompanies.
If you’re looking to create download music videos that will catch everyone’s attention, this fun, uplifting song, driven by a free and easy guitar melody is a perfect choice. If you’re looking for a catchy tune that gets firmly planted in your head, then Uke is perfect!

Up Sweep bursts with positivity and vacation vibes. If you’re looking for a piece that evokes the relaxed bliss of a sunny beach, then Up Sweep is the song for you. Bring back those memories of lazy sunshine vacations, sipping on a cool drink, as you watch the waves lap on the bay.
With a middle section that breaks down the instrumentation, there’s lots of space for a voice-over.

Brownface – premium soundtrack Brownface is a premium soundtrack that provides immediate energy with an upbeat guitar riff that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days to come.
Accompanied by a high-energy drum loop that drives the power guitar riff, Brownface is perfect for a corporate marketing campaign aimed at a young, energetic market.
The piece comprises of two distinct sections – the central riff section, driven by the upbeat major key melody, and a bridge section that adds instrumental variation, adding perfect rhythmic contrast and plenty of beautiful space for a voice-over, while keeping the energy at a premium.

Brownface is available as part of our paid-license options. Click here for more information and pricing.

How can I use music from MLD for free? We offer our music free of charge for a wide variety of non-commercial uses. All we ask is that you link back to wherever our music is incorporated into your project. Check our guideline document.

We offer whole songs as well as jingles and loops as variations of the above songs. If there’s something specific you need, we’re sure to have it.
Our Pro-licence service If you have a commercial project, you’ll find that our charges are incredibly competitive. We can offer individual tracks at $49.95, loops at $28 or a selection of bundles which provide fantastic value for money.

If you’re looking to add real value to your download music video project, then look no further than Music Licensing Deal. We’ve got exactly what you need for free or incredibly competitive rates.

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