Shuffle Rock Audio Stock Licensing pack

Junior Shuffle - 3 versions packThe shuffle rock audio stock licensing package is available for the price of $50 for three different versions of the song Junior Shuffle.

The song carries a typical blues boogie shuffle blues groove, with energic guitars.

The complete version of the song features a rock rhythm guitar, a rock guitar playing a blues riff and a lead guitar playing a bottleneck theme toward the middle of the song.

Every part has been recorded with stock music usage in mind. None of them are too intrusive to block a voice-over task.

The Quartet version of the song features one of the two blues rock guitar parts and the bottleneck part.

Finally, the trio version features the basic rhythm section of the song.

This pack is handy if you want to use this song as a leitmotiv for your promotion tasks.

If you only need one song, you can buy the version you want individually.

Check out the Shuffle Rock Audio Stock Licensing pack

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Junior Shuffle Pack
Year: 2017
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The file owns 3 different version of the song Junior Shuffle.

  1. The complete song featuring 3 guitars, a bass, and a drum
  2. The complete song featuring 2 guitars only
  3. The basic track of the complete song, featuring only the rhythm guitar, the bass, and the drum

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